TGI Experience

Luxury Landscapes & Waterbodies. … But what does Luxury actually mean and mean to us?

Luxury definition: a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort : sumptuous environment. lived in luxury. : something adding to pleasure or comfort. We are highly motivated to bring pleasure and comfort to everyone.

What are the three levels of luxury?luxury is composed of three domains: inaccessible luxury, intermediate luxury and accessible luxury, constituted by how the brand is marketed. Our goal is to have Luxury to be accessible to everyone!

What is the emotion of luxury? luxury is an integral part of a lifestyle. People whom experience this have emotions of trust, security, contentment, and confidence.   The way we strive to have our clients feel during the process.

What are luxury values? The ten luxury brand values as defined by Danziger are superior performance, craftsmanship, exclusivity, innovation, sense of place & time, sophistication & design aesthetic, creative expression, relevance, heritage, and responsibility. We align ourselves with the same or similar values




To bring a whole new outlook on this industry, that has been brought down with many bad contractors.  We are motivated and passionate to turn it around and give clients a new experience when dealing with contractors.  We call it “The TERREACE GARDEN INDIA “Experience which stands for transparency, honesty, quality, responsiveness, and top service. Before, during and after the project is completed




After working hard and promoting our mission and beliefs, this will lead to many other companies that will follow our path and really pave the way for a new future of great contractors.  Let’s make this industry great!!

Our Core Values

  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Transparent
  • Focused on our goals, personally,
  • professionally and financially
  • Team “family” oriented
Modern Outdoor Living Designers in Chennai

Still Unsure?

If you are still having troubles, deciding to move forward with our company, maybe we have failed to show you the value that we offer. Over the course of our 25 years of business, we have worked with many clients that are so pleased and impressed with the service and value they received, they would love to share their experience they had with us, “TERREACE GARDEN INDIA ”.  We can provide many references and we can arrange to either have you meet in  person and take a walk through the project or even a simple phone call .  Whatever is more convenient.  Our clients are always so pleased to show off their project and speak to potential clients.

It’s a big decision…

it’s about entrusting someone with the transformation and maintenance of your outdoor sanctuary. It involves finding a team whose expertise aligns with your vision and needs, ensuring they understand your garden’s unique characteristics, from soil composition to climate conditions.

Moreover, it’s about selecting a company that values communication, transparency, and sustainability, as these factors are essential in fostering a long-term relationship that will help your garden flourish and thrive over the years. Ultimately, the choice of a gardening company is an investment in the beauty, health, and serenity of your outdoor space, making it a decision of great importance and consideration.

What does “TERREACE GARDEN INDIA” Experience truly mean?

Its stands for our mission, vision and core values, which is the foundation we literally built our company off of.  It’s the building blocks in creating a great environment to work from so we can have motivated individuals who work with the TERREACE GARDEN INDIA , family striving each and every single day to provide our clients with outstanding service and quality. Our main objective is to truly create a process so seamless and well executed, that our busy clients lives have zero interruption. Our goal is to truly makes you feel at ease, we will give you the attention you deserve, we will be understanding, courteous, transparent, and will strive to give you  “White Glove Service”  to ensure you feel you received excellent value for your money.

A bit about our process…

Throughout the process of your project, if there’s any questions or concerns, we are only a phone call away. We will be able to meet on site or talk over the phone, ensuring that you are comfortable every step of the way. Ensuring that you feel at the end of the process once we handover the project, you feel you received the best value for your money, regardless of price. And what’s even most important is the after service. This is another area that we provide top quality service where most companies fail. We believe the after care is just as important and if there’s any issues regarding warranty or service it should always be made a top priority. And we will be there for you long after the project is completed.